What Do You Know About Amish Heaters From Heat Surge?

The Amish is a people known to have a culture and lifestyle of modesty and humility. They display simplicity in what they do and how they go about it. In the United States, the Amish can be found in high population in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. They abhor the lure of modern technology and prefer simplicity than getting entangled with contemporary lifestyle.

With the above being said about Amish, you might be in awe why there are adverts on “Amish Heaters” even when it has been established that the Amish are famous to shun contemporary technology.

Well, the truth is that Heat Surge is a company notable for selling “Amish Heaters”. This company partners with the Amish in Ohio to make mantles in which heaters are inserted.

Heat Surge Heaters are also known as Amish Heaters but in reality it is only the Mantel that truly has the touch of the Amish. This should not be a surprise to you because Amish furniture is noted to be made from 100% wood. They are natural and durable mantles made from the best hardwoods like Oak, Cherry, and other timber trees.

When it comes to Amish Heaters, you should think of what Heat Surge has to offer. The fireplace is movable and one model that truly portrays this feature is the Roll-N-Glow. Apart from this, other fireplace models include: Accent, Mini-Glo, Heat-Wave, Portrait, Accent Electric Insert, and the Roll-N-Glow & Portrait Electric Insert.

“Amish” Heaters by Heat Surge are offered as electric heaters and the company advertise that it saves energy costs and efficient. These claims are still debatable but it won’t be out of place to try it. For instance, the Heat Surge Roll-N-Glow electric fireplace made with Amish wood Mantle is widely advertised to save heating cost. It also provides the ambiance of real fire and can be moved from one room to another.

Conclusively, Amish heaters is becoming a household name but what should readily come to your mind is that Heat Surge is selling its fireplace with heaters made from China and the Mantle made by the Amish. Yes, in reality there is nothing like “Amish heaters” because the Amish shy away from modern technology instead we have Amish Mantle.